• need go env
brew install go
  • get minikeyvalue
git clone https://github.com/geohot/minikeyvalue.git && cd minikeyvalue


run 3 volume on localhost

PORT=3001 ./volume /tmp/volume1/
PORT=3002 ./volume /tmp/volume2/
PORT=3003 ./volume /tmp/volume3/

also could use nginx under the hood

run master on localhost

./mkv -volumes localhost:3001,localhost:3002,localhost:3003 -db /tmp/indexdb/ server


# put "bigswag" in key "wehave"
curl -v -L -X PUT -d bigswag localhost:3000/wehave

# get key "wehave" (should be "bigswag")
curl -v -L localhost:3000/wehave

# delete key "wehave"
curl -v -L -X DELETE localhost:3000/wehave

# unlink key "wehave", this is a virtual delete
curl -v -L -X UNLINK localhost:3000/wehave

# list keys starting with "we"
curl -v -L localhost:3000/we?list

# list unlinked keys ripe for DELETE
curl -v -L localhost:3000/?unlinked

# put file in key "file.txt"
curl -v -L -X PUT -T /path/to/local/file.txt localhost:3000/file.txt

# get file in key "file.txt"
curl -v -L -o /path/to/local/file.txt localhost:3000/file.txt





  • GET /key
    • 302 redirect to nginx volume server.
  • PUT /key
    • Blocks. 201 = written, anything else = probably not written.
  • DELETE /key
    • Blocks. 204 = deleted, anything else = probably not deleted.

./mkv Usage

Usage: ./mkv <server, rebuild, rebalance>

  -db string
        Path to leveldb
  -fallback string
        Fallback server for missing keys
  -port int
        Port for the server to listen on (default 3000)
        Force UNLINK before DELETE
  -replicas int
        Amount of replicas to make of the data (default 3)
  -subvolumes int
        Amount of subvolumes, disks per machine (default 10)
  -volumes string
        Volumes to use for storage, comma separated

Rebalancing (to change the amount of volume servers)

# must shut down master first, since LevelDB can only be accessed by one process
./mkv -volumes localhost:3001,localhost:3002 -db /tmp/indexdb/ rebalance

Rebuilding (to regenerate the LevelDB)

./mkv -volumes localhost:3001,localhost:3002 -db /tmp/indexdbalt/ rebuild


# Fetching non-existent key: 116338 req/sec
wrk -t2 -c100 -d10s http://localhost:3000/key

# go run thrasher.go lib.go
starting thrasher
10000 write/read/delete in 2.620922675s
thats 3815.40/sec

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