ACL 权限控制



ACL is a lightweight ACL manager for Go.


  • Design simple & reusable roles to empower your application.
  • Acquire the rights of other roles to build a powerful set of permissions.
  • Resolve possible roles by examine them in an unified way.


type User struct {
    isAdmin bool

func main() {
    // first of all: create a new manager instance to register all your roles in one place
    manager := acl.NewManager()

    // now you can use `Ensure` to guarantee that the role with the passed identifier is present
    user := manager.Ensure("user").Grant("profile.edit")
    // use `Grant`, `Revoke` and `AcquireFrom` to extend the right stack
    editor := manager.Ensure("editor").Grant("news.list", "news.create", "news.edit").AcquireFrom(user)

    // you can also use NewRole to create a Role manually
    admin := acl.NewRole("admin").Grant("news.delete").AcquireFrom(editor)
    // note, that you have to register the role by yourself

    // to check if a right was granted to a role you can use:
    var hasAccess bool
    hasAccess = admin.Has("some.right")

    // to check if at least one of the expected rights is present:
    hasAccess = admin.HasOneOf("news.list", "news.create")

    // ... and finally, to check that all the expected rights are present, use:
    hasAccess = admin.HasAllOf("news.delete", "news.list")

    // a role can be extended with an examiner to determine whether a role can be added
    // to a `ResultSet`
    admin.SetExaminer(func (payload interface{}) bool {
        user := payload.(User)
        return user.isAdmin

    // to get a result set you can use the managers `Examine` function
    rs := manager.Examine(User{isAdmin: true})

    // a result set contains "Has", "HasOneOf" and "HasAllOf" as described above and...
    // `GetRole` to grab specific roles from the result set
    expectedRole := rs.GetRole("admin")

    // you can also check if a role was added to a result set using:
    if rs.HasRole("admin") {
        // ...


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